Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Q&As

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Q&As


Q:  What should I do to prepare for a hurricane?

A:  There are preparation checklists available on multiple platforms that you can use to help your household prepare for a hurricane (ex: FEMA, Red Cross, your county emergency management websites, etc.).


Q:  Where can I get information about my evacuation zone and local shelters?

A:  Maps of each counties flood and evacuation zones are available on the emergency management web pages for each county. GLS also has this information available for our clients.


Q:  What if I am disabled and/or do not have transportation?

A:  Each county has a registry for individuals who require transportation or have other special care needs due to their medical condition(s).


Q:  What about my pets?

A:  Some shelters do allow for pets to be admitted with their owners. These shelters often have a separate area where the animals are kept. If an owner is not comfortable with their pet staying in an area away from them in a shelter, an alternative would be to look into pet-friendly hotels/motels as an evacuation option.


Q:  How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect this year’s hurricane season?

A:  FEMA and the State of Florida are encouraging everyone who has safe housing to shelter in place during a storm if possible. Efforts are being made at the state and local levels to increase the amount of space individuals who are staying at shelters are given, but it will be difficult to prevent the spread of Covid if so many people are congregated in the same space. Many areas are also exploring the option of renting out local hotels/motels for people with positive tests in an effort to keep those individuals isolated to prevent the spread of the disease. If people are planning to evacuate out of state then they are encouraged to keep in mind social distancing protocols when stopping at gas stations and rest areas.


Q:  What types of legal issues should I anticipate after a hurricane has hit where I live?

If you are a tenant:

  • delays in repair/maintenance requests and possible lease terminations either due to damage caused by the storm,
  • inability to pay rent if work hours were lost because of the storm.

If you are a homeowner:

  • filing and appeals for insurance and FEMA claims,
  • possible HOA/COA issues,
  • possible scams by contractors for work to the home.


  • depending on the strength of the storm and its affect on businesses, potential for unemployment and food stamp benefits and associated procedures/appeals.


Q:  What types of legal issues can GLS help with after a hurricane?

A: GLS can assist with unemployment, landlord-tenant, scams, public benefits issues and more.