Our Grant Funders

Gulfcoast Legal Services provides legal services to vulnerable individuals at no cost to them. GLS is able to do this thanks to generous grant funding from a variety of local, state, federal, foundation, and individual donors – to whom we are most grateful.

Our current funders include:

Official_City_Seal_Blue-LARGO_Elder Affairs

Official_City_Seal_Blue-LARGO_fLORIDA Bar
Official_City_Seal_Blue-LARGO_Senior connection center

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Gulf Coast Community Foundation


Individual Supporters

Champions of Justice ($1,000+)
Alex and Eileen Rogachevsky
Andrea Masterson
Andrew Stinnette
Mrs. Janice Bolt
Keith Bass
Kristen Adams Smith
Kevin McGowen
Marguerite Thomer, MD
Neil R. Covert
Sandrine Guez
Teresa Ohmit
Wendy Cox
Anonymous donors

Guardians of Justice ($500 - $999)
Edward Eager
Holly Magnan
Martin Garcia
Richard M Greene
Steven Ruth
William Weller
Defenders of Justice ($350 - $499)
Alejandro Reyes
Alice L Cushman
Amanda Coffey
Amy Krusemark
Andrew R. Hudson
Angel A Ulloa
Ann Joslin
Barry Spivey
Carl Roberts
Chad McClenathen
Ciara Rios
Colby Masterson
David Abbey
David Folkenflik
David P Young
David S Nelson
Dawn Hoffman
Deborah Houghton
Dennis Palso
Edelgard Ashcroft
Elise Winters
Elizabeth Vega
Elizete Velado
Enrique Escarraz
Eric Appleton
Erik Abrahamson
Gregory Fox
Heather Ploch
Helen Tarokic
Isabella Sobel
J. Kevin Drake
Jack Davani
Jacob Boehner
James Lyle
Janet Durkee
Jason M Azzarone
John Polizzi
Jonathan Ficarotta
Julee Vance
Defenders of Justice ($350 - $499)
Justine D Adamski
Kelly Rodenas
Kelly Ruoff
Kent Whittemore
Kevin M Gallagher
Kim Hart
Kurt Schneider
Lesley A Stine
Linda Chamberlain
Liza Ricci
London L Bates Law, P.A.
Louis J. La Cava
Marion Fleming
Marion Hale
Mark R Messerschimdt
Mary Baxter
Mary Fahy
Mason B. Binkley
Melissa Blades
Meni Kanner
Michael Kohl
Michael Wallack
Nicholas Lang

Paul B Genet
Paul Rozelle
Rex Delcamp
Richard Catalano
Robert Kaleel
Sean McConnell
Sharon Krick
Steven Ruth
Susan Johnson
Thomas J Donnelly
Thomas Saieva
Tia J. Jones
Timothy Ingram
Todd Robinson
William Christopher