Our Grant Funders

Gulfcoast Legal Services provides legal services to vulnerable individuals at no cost to them. GLS is able to do this thanks to generous grant funding from a variety of local, state, federal, foundation, and individual donors – to whom we are most grateful.

Our current funders include:

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Gulf Coast Community Foundation

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Individual Supporters

Major Donors ($5,000+)
Keith Bass
Wendy Cox

Champions of Justice ($2,500-$4,999)

Guardians of Justice ($1,000-$2,499)
Andrew Stinnette
Barbara C. Fisher Bradley Muhs
Brooke Bowman
Camille Beshara
Colby Masterson
Eric Boles
James Fox
Joseph W Fleece III
Kristen Adams
Marguerite Thomer MD
Community Foundation of Sarasota
Richard S Pipkin
Senthil k Natesan
Defenders of Justice ($350 - $999)
Alicia Brannon
Allison Lutich
Aminie Mohip
Amy Krusemark
Andrew Fussner
Anthony Martinez
Ashley Broussard
Beth Ann Bush
Brenda Hibbeln
Catherine Morin
Carl Roberts
Charles D Bailey Jr.
Charles Kelly
Chester Bacheller
Christie Ellis
Dawn Hofmann
Donald Crawford
Elise Winters
Erica Peterson
Erik Abrahamson
Erin Okuno
Gail Fagan
George McLain
Gregory Thacker
Hamden Baskin
Heather Bloch
Hunter Tremaine
Isabella Sobel
J. Wes Bailey
Jacob Boehner
James C. Rowe.
James Lyle Esq.
Jeffrey Eisel
Jelena Miokovic
Jennifer Beltz
Joel Aresty
John Rich
John Polizzi
Joye Walford
Julee Vance
Julie Munderback
Defenders of Justice ($350 - $999)
Kathryn Hynes
Keith Ringelspaugh
Kelly Skrdlant
Kent Whittemore Esq.
Kenneth Thornton
Kevin M Gallagher Esq.
Kurt Schneider
Larry Beltz
Lauren Donalson
Lee Rightmyer
Linda Chamberlain
Lindsey French
Lisa Visco
Lisset Hanewicz
Marcia L McCann
Marion Fleming
Mark T. Middlebrook
Mary Baxter
Mary Howard
Mathew Alexander
Megan E. Ingram
Michael Kohl
Michael Wallack
Nancy E. Rutland
Natalie McEwan
Nathaniel Griffin
Nicholos Lang
Nicole Carney
O'shea Coleman Trust Fund
Patricia Burquest-Fultz
Paul Rozelle
Randall Baskin
Richard Catalano
Richard Patrick Nolan
Robert Mcclure
Roger Larson
Sandrine Guez
Sharon Krick
Stephanie N Rugg
Steven Ruth
Teresa P. Williams
Teresa Rooney
Thomas Moseley
Timothy Ingram
Wayne Hall
William Backer
William Weller
Yova Andreeva Borovska