Staff Highlight: Mishell Brown

Mishell Brown has been with GLS since 1981, a mere three years after the organization began. Now, she is the senior paralegal for the Housing & Stability unit and has been here longer than any other staff member.

Mishell originally began working for GLS because she had a deep desire to help the less fortunate. Before GLS, she didn’t know of any organization offering free legal services in the community, and she wanted to be a part of that work. She stayed because she felt like her work made a real difference and because she was inspired by the attorneys in the office, which she describes as, “so passionate” about what they do.

Mishell receiving her employee badge for Community Health Centers of Pinellas (our new medical-legal partnership). 

Her current favorite project at GLS is the elderly services her unit provides, assisting low-income seniors with life-planning documents like simple wills. If GLS did not offer these services, no one would. It’s very fulfilling, she says, because the seniors she works with always leave with such peace of mind, knowing they don’t have to worry about who will take care of things when they’re gone. It lifts a huge burden, both financially and emotionally.

Mishell has also been integral in starting GLS’s new medical-legal partnership with Community Health Centers of Pinellas. This partnership will place an attorney onsite to help clients with legal issues affecting their health. Mishell and the housing unit attorneys began seeing clients in mid-December and are very excited to grow the partnership.

In her spare time, Mishell loves to travel. Of her recent trips, she says visiting the Bahamas was her favorite. She also has three children and five grandbabies!

Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication, Mishell. Your institutional knowledge and history with the community are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are so happy to have you on our team.