Staff Highlight: Robin Stover, Esq.

Robin Stover began at Gulfcoast Legal in 2009 as a volunteer in the Sarasota office. It was the height of the recession and the office was swamped with a rush of vulnerable residents who had lost their homes or were experiencing foreclosures. She helped out in many different units, assisting with consumer issues and family law issues as well.

After being hired as a staff attorney for four years, she became the managing attorney of the Housing and Financial Stability Unit where she oversees several other attorneys and their work in fair housing, foreclosure defense, eviction, elder law, and many other things. Along with supervising staff, she also spends a lot of time in the community conducting outreach, education, and tax clinics.

It’s clear from her attitude that Robin loves what she does. She works long hours and is a beacon in the communities she serves, mentoring not only the staff in her unit but everyone she comes into contact with. She says the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the staff excel, especially seeing them take a project and grow it. “I feel very fortunate to work with them.”

Robin began her career not as a lawyer, but as a teacher in a high school where she taught journalism, English, and managed the Yearbook. She went to law school at night for four years while teaching full-time (a huge deal!). Eventually, she obtained her JD at Loyola Law School in California. A decade later, her mom got sick, and Robin moved to Florida to help take care of her. Almost immediately she connected with GLS, and the rest is history.

Having to work her entire young adult life, Robin has become a role model in the community for her dedication and work ethic. We’re so proud of the work you do, Robin, and the way you lead by example. Thank you for choosing us as your employer! We are lucky to have you.