Unveiling Audit Challenges: How Justin Schwegel of GLS Discovered Taxpayer Struggles with Missing Forms 1099

Access Justin Schwegel’s report, ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’: Automation Amid Unprecedented Destruction,” here.

Discover the shocking IRS audit revelation in Tax Notes’ latest article by Chandra Wallace, “How Many EITCs Were Lost When IRS Destroyed 30 Million 1099s?”. Taxpayers who claimed the earned income tax credit for 2019 were audited due to the IRS’s deletion of millions of vital information return documents. Despite the agency’s assertion of no ‘negative consequences,’ Gulfcoast Legal Services’ Justin Schwegel, Low Income Tax-Payer Clinic Director, uncovered that low- and middle-income taxpayers with EITCs faced auditors for missing Forms 1099. Dive into the entire article to learn how this issue was identified, the staggering number of audits conducted, and the implications for those affected.

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